Can I crack NEET if I am weak in physics?

I am very weak in physics. Can i still crack NEET?

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Yes, you can crack NEET if you are weak in Physics. Make your weakness your strength in the coming days. Give some extra time and more effort to Physics. Many NEET aspirants find Physics intimidating. Remove your fear of Physics (and Math, because it’s related).

Identify the areas in Physics which you find hard to understand. Is it theory, numericals or formulas? Read theory from NCERT, solve numericals from coaching modules, clear your doubts from teachers.

Understand concepts, see examples, solve easy questions first and then move to difficult ones. It’s fine if you have to see solutions at the start, it’s a matter of time only, the more questions you solve the stronger you become in Physics.

Have confidence. Don’t let a weakness in one subject hinder your chances of cracking NEET. You still have time to improve Physics for NEET. Don’t give up.

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PS : If all things don’t work, this is the last resort - Make your Biology and Chemistry super strong, don’t lose any marks in them. That way you can still crack NEET with an average score in Physics.

Hope it helps.