Can I crack the JEE with a good rank if wasted my 11th class?

I have wasted my 11th class. Can I still crack the JEE with a good rank?

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Yes, you can still crack JEE with a good rank if you have wasted class 11. For you the priority must be time management. Start with your missed, weakest and important chapters of class 11 along with 12th. Divide your schedule into 70% of your study time in class 12 topics and 30% in class 11 topics.

Tips to crack JEE with a good rank if you wasted class 11.

  • Never lag behind from now on. You already have a lot of backlog, it’s better not to increase it now.
  • Do the hard work. You have one year to master a 2 year (11th and 12th) course. You will have to study at-least 6 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends along with your school and coaching.
  • Study from NCERT for Chemistry. Just read line by line and repeat.
  • For Mathematics, practice is very much important! Formulas should be on your tips.
  • In Physics, work on your concepts so that you will be able to solve every type of question in the exam.
  • Improve your speed, accuracy and time management skills. This is possible with lots of questions solving and practice. Learn to apply tricks in solving problems.
  • Make revision notes. It’s easy and convenient to revise handmade notes in your own style and format, rather than revising from thick books and coaching modules. Make a separate notebook for remembering formulas in all three subjects.
  • Solve the previous years’ questions of JEE.
  • Give as many tests as you can. Giving the tests provides the real examination environment, it also tells you how to properly manage the time in all the 3 subjects.
  • Be calm and patient. No point in taking stress now. You have made a mistake but the good thing about all this is that you know you have made a mistake and want to correct it.

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