From which topics, JEE Main ask the most questions?

From which topics, JEE Main ask the most questions?

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JEE Main generally ask most questions from the below topics.

Chemistry Important Topics for JEE Main :

  • Coordination compounds.
  • Chemical bonding.
  • s, p, d blocks.
  • Solutions and colligative properties.
  • Chemical equilibrium.
  • Chemistry in everyday life.

Many questions in the recent years especially in Chemistry have been memory based and so one should learn each and every detail that is given in NCERT. In Organic, all named reactions, inter-conversion reactions and isomerism (structural and stereoisomerism) are very important.

Mathematics Important Topics for JEE Main :

  • Coordinate geometry.
  • Vectors and 3D.
  • Definite integration.
  • Matrices & determinants.

Physics Important Topics for JEE Main :

  • Modern & nuclear physics.
  • Mechanics.
  • Simple harmonic motion.
  • Waves and thermodynamics.

Best Practice : Cover each and every topic in all the chapters in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Nearly every year the exam setters surprise the aspirants by giving questions from such topics which are neglected by most of the candidates or were completely ignored in past year papers and the percentage of questions from a topic also changes drastically. So to avoid such situations one should be thoroughly prepared beforehand.

Source - Abhay Singh (IIT-Guwahati)