Has anyone cracked NEET in 1 year?

Has anyone cracked NEET in 1 year? If yes, how did they prepare?

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Yes, there are many students who cracked NEET after 1 year of preparation. Many aspirants start their NEET preparation in class 12 while some students take a drop and complete the NEET class 11 and 12 syllabus in one year.

Preparation Tips to Crack NEET in 1 Year

This is how you can prepare for NEET in 1 year :

  • Do the hard work. You have 1 year to master a 2 year (11th and 12th) course. You will have to study at-least 6 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends.
  • Study NCERT biology completely (2-3 times), it contains the major portion of NEET question paper.
  • Revise every day. A smart revision technique will save you a lot of time and boost your confidence as well for NEET.
  • Clear each and every silliest of your doubts. You can resolve all your NEET doubts online. Ask NEET experts and teachers if your methods are correct and you’re learning the right way.
  • Solve NEET past years papers and mock tests. The objective is to have enough practice in solving problems and improving the speed.
  • Analyze your mistakes in NEET mock tests. If you got a question wrong, understand why you got it wrong. Find out what you’re good at and not so good at. Work on your weakness and then attempt problems related to it.
  • Be determined. There will be times when you would find it difficult to understand and manage things. Do not give up.

You can crack NEET in 1 year if you study consistently with the right plan under the guidance of teachers. Join a good NEET coaching online if you haven’t, which can provide you with precise material and guidance to crack NEET.