How can I crack the JEE exam in 3 months?

Please tell the study plan and strategy to crack the JEE exam in 3 months.

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Study plan and strategy to crack the JEE exam in 3 months.

  1. Cover the entire theory part of any chapter/ topic before attempting the questions.
  2. Study NCERT completely for Chemistry. Many questions in recent years in JEE especially in Chemistry have been memory based.
  3. Learn Inorganic Chemistry daily, memorize it as frequently as you can.
  4. In Organic, all named reactions, interconversion reactions and isomerism (structural and stereoisomerism) are very important.
  5. Give special attention to calculations and time management in Math.
  6. Practice numerical value type questions along with MCQs.
  7. In Physics, focus on understanding the concepts and their application in problems rather than learning the procedure to solve specific problems.
  8. Give as many tests as you can. Giving the tests provides the real examination environment, it also tells you how to properly manage the time in all the 3 subjects.
  9. Try to focus on your weak topics and areas and work hard to improve on those areas.
  10. Learn the art of option elimination. See all the options because many times it would happen that you need not solve the problem as the options would be rejected leading to only one correct answer.

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