How can I get 650+ marks in the NEET for the 2022 exam?

How can I get 650+ marks in the NEET for the 2022 exam I am starting now?

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Tips to get 650+ marks in the NEET for the 2022 exam.

  • Plan a study schedule to complete the NEET syllabus in time. Starting your day the same way can motivate you to study consistently, even when you don’t feel like studying.
  • From NCERT textbooks - Study all the texts, diagrams, captions, summary, points to ponder, tables. Do all the in-text, solved and exercise questions.
  • Study examples carefully. They help you to relate concepts to real world things. You can understand theory better with the help of examples.
  • Complete all the chapters in the syllabus as sometimes an easy question can come from the topic which you find unimportant or difficult to read.
  • When studying a difficult topic, don’t think that you need to cram or require long study hours to complete it at one go. Study daily for some time instead of a marathon study session on a single day.
  • Attempt questions only after completely understanding the topic and its concepts.
  • Solve problems every day. Have a reliable goal, something like 20 problems a day, and increase your difficulty at regular intervals.
  • Refer coaching modules or reference books for practicing NEET level problems.
  • Revise daily. Make flow charts, diagrams, tables, posters, post-its, etc. and stick them wherever possible and have a glance at them repeatedly.
  • Attend all classes and complete your homework/ assignments on time. Don’t neglect what’s happening currently in your coaching in order to cover previous topics or backlogs.
  • Give NEET mock tests and analyse them. In the exam, there will be some questions that are not given in NCERT or some high level logic will be needed to solve them.
  • Measure your learning and performance. You need to give tests on a regular basis to check your knowledge, speed, accuracy and time management skills (coaching has pre-scheduled tests).
  • Stay positive and determined to achieve your goal. Believe that you can get 650+ in NEET and do everything that is required to make it happen.

Detailed preparation strategy for NEET 2022.

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