How can I prepare for JEE and SAT at the same time?

How can I prepare for SAT and JEE simultaneously? Should I prepare for both JEE and SAT?

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You can prepare for JEE and SAT simultaneously, provided you manage your time well for both the exams. JEE Math preparation will take care of the SAT Math test. Math questions asked in SAT are easier than those asked in JEE. The difference in both the exams is that JEE has Physics and Chemistry while SAT has English/Verbal section.

While preparing for JEE, once you are able to learn some concepts and master in problem solving, then you can cover SAT syllabus very fast. For SAT English, your grammar needs to be excellent. For the Reading section, your analysis skills and vocabulary should be good.

PS : If possible, decide on one path, whether you want to study in USA/ Foreign country or a top engineering institute in India. Then choose whether you want to prepare for the SAT or JEE.

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