How do I manage class 11th and 12th together for NEET?

Please tell me the right schedule to cover both class 11 and 12 syllabus for NEET.

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Ideal schedule to manage class 11 and 12 together for NEET.

  1. Make a simple time table giving time to all 3 subjects. Don’t follow the study schedule of others. You should know what’s the best time to study for you.
  2. Plan your schedule in such a way that you don’t stay behind in your current topics of class 12 and at the same time you try to cover your backlogs from class 11.
  3. Study at-least 6 hours on weekdays and 10 hours on weekends along with your school and online coaching.
  4. Start up with your missed, weakest and important chapters of 11th along with your 12th.
  5. Divide your time of week into 70% of your extra study time (i.e. other than the coaching) in 12th stuff and 30% in 11th stuff right from the beginning.
  6. Manage your time between studies and other tasks. Avoid procrastination, excessive TV/ Social Media and all unnecessary distractions.
  7. Complete your daily, weekly and monthly targets.
  8. For Chemistry and Biology, study from NCERT and your coaching material.
  9. Understanding concepts is the key for Physics. It’s a blunder to solve problems without being clear about concepts.
  10. Follow subject tricks. See the trend of NEET past years papers. While solving questions, apply the tricks (mostly taught by your coaching teachers).
  11. Practice a lot and learn from your mistakes.
  12. Don’t avoid any topic because you find it hard to understand. Study each and every topic of every subject, as questions can be asked from anything that is in the NEET syllabus
  13. Make notes of important terms, formulas, reactions, mistakes while solving problems, etc. Include your own shortcuts and tricks.
  14. Do revision every day. Don’t leave revision for the last month, it’s a continuous process.

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