How do I start learning Biology for the NEET 2020 in the last 2-3 months?

How do I start learning biology for the NEET 2020 in the last 2-3 months?

How to Start Learning Biology for NEET 2020?

Here are the tips to start learning Biology for NEET.

  1. Master NCERT Biology. Read all the texts, diagrams, captions, summary, points to ponder, tables, etc. from NCERT.
  2. Do all the in-text, solved and exercise question from NCERT.
  3. Practice MCQs from the topic that you went through, either from a coaching module or an MCQ book like NCERT At Your Fingertips.
  4. Make your own handwritten notes that includes flow charts and shortcuts to learn important topics.
  5. Keep revising Biology every day.
  6. Solve the previous year questions of Biology to know the trend and the type of questions asked from a chapter.
  7. Give mock tests, analyse, and work on your weak points.

You can learn important tricks to score 300+ in Biology through NEET online crash course.

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