How do I study to get under 100 rank in JEE advanced 2020 in 1 year?

How do I study to get under 100 rank in JEE advanced 2020 in 1 year?

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Study Strategy to get under 100 Rank in JEE Advanced 2020

  • You have to be extremely disciplined and focused. Being mediocre is easy. Being outstanding requires planned action, disciplined follow-through and the willingness to test and try different things until you get it right.
  • Make sure your goals are clear (they can be short ones like finishing a topic or a chapter), and your plans are well thought out and most importantly, that you have a schedule for every day during your preparation.
  • If you miss out on your JEE schedule one day, make up for it next day. Achieve your goals for the week as you planned.
  • Take up one topic at a time and focus on accomplishing the goals related to the topic; once that is over, move to the next topic in your syllabus.
  • Do your best study when you’re most alert. This will help you maximize your concentration. Identify your most productive hours by studying at various times in a day like early morning, day or night time. These hours will give you the best output.
  • When faced with long study hours, it is best to impose small breaks between studies. Small mental breaks will actually help you stay focused on your task.
  • To get under 100 rank in JEE, all you need is time management and pattern of solving questions. These management of time and pattern can be only achieved by serious dedicated practice and questions solving.*

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