How do JEE aspirants keep themselves motivated for 2 years?

How do JEE aspirants keep themselves motivated for 2 years? It’s a long period.

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Here are some of the ways JEE aspirants keep themselves motivated.

  1. They know the purpose of study. Students who have a purpose for doing study feel motivated to do it. Students who lack a purpose, but study only because they have to do it, feel bored and resentful.
  2. They believe that they can do it. Students who believe that they can succeed are likely to achieve their goal. Students who expect to fail in exam want to avoid studying for it.
  3. They think about all the bad results that will happen if they don’t study. Think about the future. If you avoid your study one day, what is likely to happen? If you avoid it repeatedly, what may happen? Know that your decision now creates your future. You will live with it.
  4. They keep improving. Progress is the ultimate motivator. Every little progress will give you the motivation to keep moving and trust yourself to clear JEE.
  5. They adopt the habit of studying. Getting in the habit of studying is what will keep you motivated over long period of time. The more you do, the better you get. The better you get, the more you do. Just keep going.
  6. They are self-motivated and ambitious. Neither get dejected by bad marks nor become overconfident. Work hard and smart towards your goal.
  7. They stay in the group of positive people who motivates them. Whether it’s your friends, peers, parents and teachers, you need support from people around you.
  8. They know their go-to people for motivation. Whenever you feel low on confidence and need some motivation in JEE preparation, speak to your parents or teacher.

Ultimately, it’s the magic of IIT, a dream to study in top engineering institute, that keeps a JEE aspirant motivated for long time, like 2 years.

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