How do we overcome our distractions to crack the NEET exam?

How do we overcome our distractions to crack the NEET exam?

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6 Tips to Overcome Distractions for Cracking the NEET exam :

1.Make a study schedule or time table and follow it with dedication

You should have a daily study schedule during the remaining days of NEET preparation. A study plan ensures you have a clear vision of what you need to do and this makes it easier to focus and actually perform the necessary actions.

2.Find your perfect space to study for long hours

You need a good setup to study well. You need an environment which is calm and free from outside noises. Once you start studying at the same comfortable space everyday, you will feel “it’s my zone”. That’s how you can study for long hours without any disturbance.

3.Don’t give into short term pleasures and distractions

Spending time on social platforms, internet surfing, Netflix, etc., all looks lucrative. While it’s fine to explore these things during your study breaks but don’t make them dominate yourself and distract you from your goal. Think about what clearing NEET will do to your life and future. Don’t get distracted . Stay focused to achieve your goals.

4.Be flexible about your study strategy and methods

Sometimes you lose interest in study because your methods may not be right. You have to involve mentally, completely, into your preparation. For that your methods can change, the one that prevents any distractions in advance.

5.Make adjustments in your study schedule as per requirement

You have to focus on all 3 subjects. Ideally your time table should cover all subjects but sometimes when your mind says it’s enough of studying a subject for the day, it’s okay to move on to other subject. The adjustment is fine as long as you are finishing your daily work and target.

6.Take short breaks to improve productivity in studies

You don’t need continuous 2-3 hours of study at stretch. As a matter of fact, short breaks after 45-50 mins of study will boost your productivity. Your brain also needs refreshment to work well.

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Master the difficult concepts

There is no doubt that the entrance examination will be more and more difficult to crack. So, it is necessary to do proper preparation to get through the toughest exam. The task of getting a crack at neet exam is indeed difficult, as the saying goes. Prepare and master difficult topics more.

Create Unique Study Styles

If you are like the majority of students in this country, then you are probably well aware of the correlation between study and productivity. In fact, it is a widely accepted fact that successful students are more productive than their less successful peers. Using study methods that everyone can benefit from open doors to places where you can learn faster and be more successful. Study strategies can be anything from list-making to spaced repetition.

Focus on the NCERT syllabus

We can all agree that NCERT books are the best and most favorable source of study for any competitive exam. So, whenever we look for study material or syllabus for an upcoming examination – it is always advisable to start from the NCERT books. NCERT textbooks have always been considered reference books and are referred by students, teachers, and other competitive exam aspirants