How long does it take to complete Class 11 NEET syllabus?

What’s the minimum time to complete class 11 syllabus for NEET?

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Ideally, it would take one year to complete class 11 NEET syllabus. However, if you have only 1 year to complete both class 11 and 12 syllabus then you have to manage your class 11 studies along with class 12 syllabus.

Class 11 has almost 50% weightage in the NEET exam. Class 11 has many conceptual and difficult topics that need to be understood well.

Class 11 important chapters for NEET :

Mechanics Chemical bonding Human Physiology
Vectors General organic chemistry (IUPAC nomenclature) Diversity in Living World
Kinematics Structure of Atom Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants (Morphology and anatomy of plants)
Laws of Motion Equilibrium Cell Structure and Function
Work, Energy and Power p-Block Plant Physiology
Thermodynamics Reaction Mechanisms
Rotational Dynamics Redox Reactions
Gravitation Thermodynamics
Oscillations and Waves Hydrocarbons (Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes)

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Hope it helps.