How many hours should I study for a 99%ile in the JEE Main?

How many hours should I study for a 99 percentile in the JEE Main?

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A daily 6-8 hours study is considered good for scoring 99 percentile in JEE Main. 5–6 hours can get you a good rank and just in case you are the one who can spare 8–10 hours, you are certainly talking within top 50–100.

Also the time you need to study will vary depending upon your IQ. A 6 hour study might do wonders for an above average student but might be just enough to clear JEE for an average student.

Avoid continuous long study hours if it results in fatigue, small breaks after 45–60 minutes of study can improve your productivity.

If you are starting the JEE preparation late, like when only less than 6 months remain, then you may need to put more effort (number of hours) into your studies.

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