How to get 200+ marks in JEE Main 2021 in the remaining days?

How do I get 200+ marks in JEE Main 2021 in the remaining days?

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Tips to get 200+ marks in JEE Main 2021 in the remaining days.

  1. Don’t skip any topic that you feel unimportant for JEE Main.
  2. Revise all your learned topics and problems.
  3. Focus on your strengths and work on weaker areas which are scoring.
  4. Solve JEE Main previous years papers in online mode.
  5. Apply tricks and shortcuts while solving problems like option elimination in MCQs.
  6. Give online mock tests and assess yourself regularly. Take a look at each test and analyse if there’s anything you can do to improve your score.
  7. Count the marks you lose due to silly mistakes, conceptual error, wrong interpretation of any question and other mistakes. After every test compare it with the previous one. This will not only reduce your chance of committing a mistake but also it will motivate you as marks will increase.
  8. Attempt easier section and questions first. Know when to switch between sections.
  9. Read the question carefully to avoid silly mistakes.
  10. Improve your time management skills. During the exam and before that in practice tests also, do not let any question eat up your time. Skip the question as soon as you are nowhere close to the answer. Come back to these questions after you finished the whole paper once.
  11. Manage your rough work properly. Don’t make silly mistakes while copying the values and important data.
  12. Stay positive in tough situations like when you are not remembering properly in the exam.

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