How to improve my JEE Main score to 250 Marks?

How can I improve my JEE Main score to 250 Marks?

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The best way to improve your JEE Main score to 250 marks is to solve mock tests and assess yourself regularly. Take a look at each test and analyse if there’s anything you can do to improve your score. Count the marks you lose due to silly mistakes, conceptual error, wrong interpretation of any question and other mistakes. After every test, compare it with the previous one. This will not only reduce your chance of committing a mistake but also it will motivate you as marks will increase.

Tips to improve your JEE main score to 250 marks.

  1. Work on your concepts so that you will be able to solve every type of question in the exam.
  2. It is important that your basics of almost all the topics are clear and that you can tackle easy or moderate level problems in those topics, because sometimes easier questions may come from the topics which you didn’t prepare that well.
  3. Do a lot of practice. Improve your speed and accuracy. Make problem solving a habit. With time you’ll be able to find a solution quicker, in less steps.
  4. Think different ways of solving problems. A question does not end with just getting the right answer. Instead, after getting the correct answer, you should think about how else you could have solved that problem. You can also refer to the solution after solving the problem. You may find some other alternative approach to the problem.
  5. Don’t cram stuff which needs to be understood, especially Physics concepts.
  6. Analyse your tests. Find the mistakes (they can be silly ones) and keep a note of them. Next time before you appear for a test, have a look at the previous mistakes and try not to repeat them this time.
  7. Make a notebook containing your mistakes. Whenever you make any mistake in a mock test or forget a concept or formula etc. note it down in this notebook. As time passes you’ll have a collection of mistakes which you aren’t supposed to commit in exams. Revise from this copy regularly. This would help you score higher.
  8. Be well prepared for upcoming tests. Don’t think about the JEE exam, focus on doing better in the next test. It’s a gradual process of improvement till the final day of the exam. Make sure you are clear on what you need to do to really ace these upcoming tests to raise the score as much as possible.

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