How to make effective notes for last few days revision of NEET and AIIMS exam?

How can I make effective notes for last few days revision of NEET and AIIMS exam?

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Given below are some tips for making effective notes for NEET/AIIMS last few days revision.

Credit : Nishtha Agrawal (NEET 2018 AIR-42)

  1. The very first thing, do not make your revision notes simultaneously while you are studying that chapter for the first or second time. This is where most people go wrong. Read the topic at least 4–5 times and appear in at least 2 of it’s test, so that you’ll know what’s actually important and what’s not. Because in the end, it’s not hard work but smart work that makes a difference!
  2. For physics, go through the chapter and study all the derivations. Then write only the formula and key points of derivations so that when you’ll shuffle through them, it would be like an entire movie rewinding in your head.
  3. Add whatever questions you find difficult to solve, be them test questions or book questions, in your notes.
  4. Try concising your lesson in one or two pages. The lesser the volume, the more appealing they become.
  5. For chemistry, aim primarily on organic chemistry. Formulate a table stating name of reaction, reaction pathway (if it’s important, like for Cannizzaro reaction), and miscellaneous questions as the headings.
  6. There’s really no point making notes for physical chemistry as it’s more or less all about numericals.
  7. For inorganic chemistry, make NCERT as your final study material. Add whatever points you find extra to its sides!
  8. For biology, write only those points in your notes which you find are forgetful. For instance, I always used to forget the stored food of various algae, so I just wrote that one point in my entire notes of Biological Classification.
  9. Add all the miscellaneous points and lines of the NCERT to your notes. The examiner is a pro at confusing the hell out of you from that one line of NCERT you just surpassed as ‘yunhi’.

In nutshell, try and make your revision notes for NEET as incisive and crisp as possible so you can revisit the whole course of 2 years in that one week before the exam!

Source : How to Make Revision Notes for NEET and AIIMS?