How to Make Physics Strong for NEET?

I am very weak in Physics. How to make Physics stronger for NEET.

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Majority of students have difficulty in studying Physics for the NEET. It’s either due to lack of concepts or not practicing enough questions. To make Physics strong for NEET, you need to read complete theory, understand concepts with real world examples, revise, and keep practicing questions.

Tips to Make Physics Strong for NEET

Here are some of the study tips to make Physics strong for NEET.

  1. Have a good theoretical knowledge of all the topics in the syllabus. Whenever you see a question, you should have a fair idea about ‘What topic, the question revolves around’ and what are the probable concepts which you can use to solve that question.
  2. If not understanding any topic or concept, go to a teacher or book and understand or read till the time you get it.
  3. Solve NCERT examples. Examples can be directly asked in NEET with numerical manipulation. Points to ponder in NCERT are very important.
  4. Don’t just rote numericals. You need to learn the concepts as you are not going to get all repeating questions in the exam.
  5. Set a goal of practicing variety of questions so that you get used to concept and your application ability increases.
  6. Avoid calculation mistakes. The objective for solving any numerical should be 100% accuracy.
  7. Make a formula list of each chapter and include just the formulas in it and not the whole notes thing and read these whenever you get time.

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