How to memorize biology for the NEET?

How do I memorize biology for the NEET-UG entrance exam?

Best Way to Memorize Biology for NEET

You can try the below tips to memorize biology for NEET.

  • Try reading in between the lines i.e. try to understand meaning of each and every line. Each time you go through your chapter say photosynthesis, you’ll definitely find something new. In order to concentrate, make sure you are free of vague thoughts in your subconscious that distract you.
  • Try to mark only those points which you confuse or forget often. Don’t mark each and every line. Try to keep the text as clean as possible, this technique will increase your reading speed. But at the same time, I also don’t mean that you stop marking the important points.
  • Another thing is, there are some parts which are given quite thorough in your NCERT and there is only little text in your class notes that’s not included in NCERT. Instead of reading these topics from both places, try to note those new points in your NCERT margin space only. This really helps. I did this for many topics during my preparation.
  • Make sure you read the summary every time. It has many new points.
  • You can also try jotting down NCERT points on a slip [by this I strictly refer to the selected points only, say 2 to 3 lines per page] , and read these whenever you get time like before meals etc., this technique is helpful in memorizing chapters like mineral nutrition.

Hope it helps.

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