How to solve the JEE Advanced level physics problems?

How to solve the JEE Advanced level physics problems? How many times should I try before seeing the solution of a particular problem?

How to Solve the JEE Advanced level Physics problems?

Here are the steps to solve Physics problems for JEE Advanced.

  1. Have a good theoretical knowledge of all JEE Physics topics. Whenever you see a problem, you should have a fair idea about what topic it revolves around and what are the probable concepts which you can use to solve that problem.
  2. Whenever a problem in physics need to be solved, run through all the important points that are mentioned in the question.
  3. Understand the problem and get to know what is to be found out. Think about what information, data or formula is to be applied.
  4. Draw diagrams to understand what we are expected to find, and what we already have.
  5. Verify units for any conversion. Have a habit of focusing on the units in which the value of a given physical quantity is provided (in case of numerical problems).
  6. Verify the answer. Read the instructions carefully and verify your method.

Practice JEE level problems regularly for Physics. This will increase your speed of solving, analyzing power and make you fond of concepts and formulas.

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Whenever you come across a problem, give it 2-3 attempts. Many times it happens that you cannot solve a problem a particular day but the very next morning when you attempt it, you can solve it. So give time to the problem. If it is still not solved, try revising the theory part.

“While referring to the solutions, refer line-by-line i.e. take a piece of paper, hide the complete solution. Slide down the paper line by line until something about the solution strikes in your mind. Then give it a attempt. If still not solved, slide down more lines.” - Ashesh Pradhan (IIT-Kharagpur).

Better way to solve problems in JEE when referring solutions

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