How to start preparing for JEE Advanced 2020 if I have 6 months in hand?

How to start preparing for JEE Advanced 2020 if I have 6 months in hand? I am very confident about my JEE Main preparation.

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JEE Advanced checks the student knowledge, calmness, decision making ability and the ability of answering questions by rejection of options.The questions in JEE Advanced require a deeper knowledge of concepts and concentration.

JEE Advanced 2020 Preparation in 6 Months

Here are some tips to start preparing for JEE Advanced.

  1. Give proper time to all three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics).
  2. Understand concepts in-depth in order to solve all type of questions in the exam.
  3. Do rigorous practice because even if you know the concept it would require a lot of skills to apply it to problems.
  4. Maintain accuracy. A slight mistake can ruin other questions marks.
  5. Start giving full length online mock tests on a regular basis to identify your weaker areas which can hence be worked on with a lot more attention and perfection.
  6. Prepare an exam strategy. Know the right method of solving questions in JEE exam.
  7. Solve JEE Advanced previous years papers in the same exam like pattern to feel confident about your time management skills.
  8. Be consistent to your studies in the remaining months.
  9. Make short notes of every chapter for quick revision before the tests and exam.
  10. Take proper sleep and have full confidence in yourself.

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