How to stick to the timetable during the JEE preparation?

I have made a timetable but i am not able to follow it on daily basis. How to stick to my timetable during the JEE preparation?

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How to Stick to the Timetable During the JEE Preparation?

Here are some ways to stick to your timetable during JEE preparation.

  1. Don’t set extremely high goals and targets that you won’t be able to reach.
  2. Set small achievable goals and gradually increase them over time.
  3. Reward yourself when you achieve a small goal.
  4. In your daily studies, set targets like what you want to complete each day. If you achieve them, then it’s fine if you have flexible timetable or study hours.
  5. Make sure you study all the subjects every day. If you are not in mood to read theory then solve some problems to keep a pace with the subject.
  6. A schedule or timetable may not work for everybody. You can target minimum hours of study every day, irrespective of the time slot.
  7. Set weekly targets, like completing a topic in this week, etc.

Hope it helps.