How to study IIT even after 11th class wasted

I have wasted my 11th and I don’t know basics and how I can achieve IIT seat(Bombay) Computer science. I am lagging behind the topics. Can anyone suggest me how to prepare , which chapters I have to prepare after wasting my 11th and strategy to prepare sometimes I can’t manage the time to study IIT and my board exams going to complete by tomorrow of 11th so the ts govt given 30 says holiday for the students who are ggoingto 12th. So I want to prepare for IIT in these 30 days i want to clear my basics and the portion of class 11th so anyone can suggest me how i can complete my 11th portion in 30 days

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Many students clear JEE and get admission into IIT even after wasting class 11 and studying for only 1 year in class 12. The key is to make a study schedule (including time to cover backlogs), be consistent and have a strong belief to achieve the goal. Yes, you can still get into IIT Bombay CSE.

DON"T try to complete the 11th portion in 30 days. Covering the backlog takes time. Take one chapter at a time and finish it, instead of thinking of completing the class 11 syllabus in one go.

Start studying class 12 syllabus, there is no point in further increasing your backlog.

Follow the tips given in this answer : Tips to crack JEE with a good rank if you wasted class 11

Hope it helps.