How to study Physics in order to crack the NEET and AIIMS?

I am having problem with understanding and solving problems in physics. May I know what is the best way to study physics in order to crack NEET, AIIMS?

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Majority of students have difficulty in studying Physics for NEET and AIIMS. It’s either due to lack of concepts or not practicing enough questions.

Tips to Study Physics in Order to Crack NEET and AIIMS:

  1. Study with full concentration without any kind of distractions. Pay complete attention to what the teacher is teaching in the class. Ask your doubts and questions. Make class notes (include summaries, formulas, cause-and-effect statements, new words, definitions, terms, phrases etc.). Revise everything after the class. Complete your assignments/ homework on time.

  2. Be perfect with the concepts. It is a blunder to be able to solve problems without being clear about concepts.

  3. Before going for the higher level, make sure you’re thorough with your NCERT. Examples in NCERT textbook are directly asked in NEET with numerical manipulation.

  4. Study the NEET coaching material well so you can understand the concepts (even if you hate the math) and interpret the equations you need to use in solving problems. The NEET study material will have all the theory and questions as per NEET level.

  5. Avoid cramming (unless it’s the value of acceleration due to gravity, Boltzmann’s constant, Avogadro’s Number, etc.). The biggest mistake one can commit while studying physics is to just mug up some random facts and appear for the test.

  6. Make a habit of problem solving. Start with simple problems and then move on to more difficult problems. Solving problems help you gain clear knowledge about the concept. Solve a variety of problems. By doing this, you will be used to concept.

  7. Memorize all the basic formulas. The more problems you solve, the more you will become familiar with strategies for picking the right formula in Physics.

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