Is H C Verma for physics enough for cracking the JEE Main?

Is H C Verma for Physics enough for cracking the JEE Main? Is it better than DC Pandey?

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HC Verma is more than enough to score good marks in Physics which will definitely help you in cracking the JEE Main exam. Along with this book, solve objective type JEE Main level problems in time bounded conditions from previous year papers and coaching modules.

JEE Main is purely based on the concepts present in NCERT. HC Verma has the same concepts and more questions. The book has so many solved examples which are very useful and it is recommended to go through those examples after a chapter is over in the class. Questions for Short Answers are there to build concepts very strongly.

Don’t compare between DC Pandey and HC Verma. DC Pandey is a good book for problem solving techniques, improving speed and accuracy. Whereas, HC Verma is one of the best for conceptual clarity and questions after your basic theory of chapter is clear. Pick a book that suits you the best.

Studying from HC Verma will help you crack JEE Main. For JEE Advanced, DC Pandey is recommended.

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