Is it okay to start the preparation for the KVPY from now onwards?

Is it okay to start the preparation for the KVPY from now onwards?

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Yes, it is fine to start the preparation for the KVPY from now onwards. Make a study schedule to complete the syllabus in remaining time and follow it with dedication. KVPY preparation requires a deep understanding of concepts and application of logic to solve problems.

Here are some tips to start the preparation for the KVPY.

  • If you are KVPY class 11 SA aspirant, then all the subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) are equally important. Don’t give preference to any one subject.
  • For KVPY SX/SB : Study any three subjects you’re strong in. In that two should be extremely strong.
  • If you are a JEE or NEET aspirant, follow JEE or NEET study material respectively. For Biology, NCERT is best.
  • Study all the concepts and topics thoroughly. You need to have strong concepts understanding to perform well in the KVPY exam. KVPY relies less on memory and more on applying ideas and concepts to solve problems.
  • While practicing questions if you know that you are not much familiar with the concepts involved in the question, don’t attempt it, rather study the concept first and then solve the question.
  • Make summary sheets to revise important concepts and formulas weekly in all subjects. This is common for KVPY, JEE and NEET preparation.
  • Create a habit of problem solving. The more problems you solve, the more you will become familiar with strategies for picking the right formula in tests and exam.
  • Try to visualize the question. Write down the given information, draw a diagram of the situation and write the thing you have to find. Do this with easier questions first and then difficult questions.
  • Make notes of each and every topic (important terms, formulas, reactions, mistakes while solving problems). Make a separate notebook for remembering formulas in each subject. Keep revising what you learn during the preparation.
  • The KVPY exam has enough time to solve fewer questions. Maintain accuracy and avoid negative marking.
  • Solve previous years papers to practice the type of questions you can expect in the KVPY examination. Check the paper pattern and marking scheme to prepare well for the exam.
  • Since the KVPY exam will be conducted in computer-based mode, it’s recommended to practice online mock tests of KVPY. Find your weak links and silly mistakes and work on them. The goal is to improve with each test.

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