Is it preferred to prepare NEET and JEE together or it's better to focus only on one?

Is it preferred to prepare NEET and JEE together or it’s better to focus only on one?

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It’s always better if the main focus is on either NEET or JEE, that depends on what career a student wants to pursue after grade 12. Some students who are not able to find what they want to do can study both Math and Biology, and decide later which exam requires more attention based on the interest.

Students in grade 10 or below can join a JEE/NEET foundation course to learn basics of all four subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math. During the course, they may develop more liking for Maths or Biology. From class 11 onwards, they can specifically prepare as per the syllabus of JEE or NEET.

Some students preparing for NEET also give JEE Main exam, just to practice questions of Physics and Chemistry. But the focus is always on clearing NEET.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you Rajesh. I am also of the same view that it’s good to focus on one exam and give best effort to clear it. Wanted a second opinion on that.

The articles shared by you are very well written.

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Glad you found them useful :slight_smile: