Schooling or College, which is best to get good rank in NEET?

What should a student do, regular schooling or join a college with integrated coaching to get a good rank in NEET?

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Regular schooling is better than a college with integrated coaching to get a good rank in NEET. School time allows students to stay relaxed from the intense study hours required to crack NEET. A separate coaching after school hours is recommended to create a balance between NEET and school studies.

Disadvantages of College with Integrated NEET Coaching

  • The fatigue factor. Coaching classes generally conducted right after the regular college timings, not giving enough time to students to take a break.
  • Overtime decreases productivity: It’s a well known fact that studying for long hours is only going to decrease your productivity. The amount of hours left after regular school are enough to crack NEET with good rank.
  • Forced faculty. When joining any coaching, it’s advisable to take some free demo classes to assess the quality of teaching. Integrated coaching is trusting the college without doing your own research, just like not able to see a trial before buying any product/service.
  • Lack of quality teachers. Integrated coaching providers tie up with so many colleges that they are unable to provide best of the faculties to students. Along with it they also have to reserved their good teachers for their separate coaching branches (called as coaching institutes).
  • In some places, Integrated coaching is banned. So, there is a risk factor when joining any integrated coaching program.

These days students can take online coaching for NEET from experienced and qualified teachers at home only, after school hours.

6 Benefits of NEET Online Coaching Over Traditional Coaching

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