Should I make JEE self notes from class notes, textbooks and important questions?

I need advice for my iit jee prepration. Should I make self notes (condensed version) from multiple sources like class notes, books, important questions, important definations and concepts or should I only mantain my class notes?

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Self-made short notes are one of the best assets in JEE preparation and it’s recommended to make them for every subject. Yes, you can make self notes from multiple sources like textbooks, class work, important questions and points.

While making notes for JEE, you should cover basics and give special emphasis to your weak topics. You can include formulas, different types of tricks, some good questions and also the mistakes that you had committed so as to avoid them in future. Keep updating your notes regularly.

See useful tips for making notes in JEE preparation.

Thanks for your reply, could you please clarify do you mean short notes (condensed into 3-4 pages) or detailed notes including all definations and problems

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The points are valid for both type of notes. Short notes generally includes formulas, reactions, tricks, etc. For regular notes, follow the tips given in the link.