The best and simple tricks of solving NEET MCQS

Can you tell me some tricks for solving MCQs in NEET?

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11 Best Tricks for Solving NEET MCQs

Here are some helpful tricks for solving MCQs in NEET.

  1. Solve easier questions first, then medium level, and difficult ones at the end.
  2. Read the question carefully and make sure you understand it properly. Identify what information is given and what is required to find. It helps you to determine what you need to know in order to solve the question.
  3. Virtually figure how you will be solving that question. Think of the formulas that you will be using to solve it.
  4. Visualize the problem. A simple picture diagram can help visualize the most complex of problems in any area.
  5. If you still have no clue how to go about, Skip that question. Do not let that question eat up your time.
  6. After you complete the paper once, go through the questions which you could not do in your first attempt. Solve them now. There is a good probability that you will make it this time.
  7. Find answer by eliminating the options. This trick is to be used when you are not sure about the answer. Reduce the number of options by eliminating the ones which seem to be entirely or logically wrong. Among the remaining options, the one with maximum probability of getting true may be chosen.
  8. Practice, practice and practice. It will help you improving your concept application power.
  9. Don’t get frightened on seeing the long questions. They might seem difficult but may take only a few seconds to tackle. That’s where practicing questions regularly helps.
  10. Solve NCERT examples. Examples directly asked in NEET with numerical manipulation.
  11. Learn shortcuts and tricks by solving regular MCQ tests.

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