What are the strategies to get 700+ in NEET?

What are the strategies to get 700+ in NEET?

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Scoring 700+ in the NEET brings you in the toppers category. Getting a top score in NEET depends both on hard work and smart work.

Tips and Strategies to get 700+ in NEET :

  1. Study each and every topic of every subject, as questions can be asked from anything that is in the NEET syllabus (Most important- NCERT especially for Biology and Chemistry, sometimes from outside as well).
  2. Your concepts must be so strong and crystal-clear that there can be no question in the final exam that bounces over your head and you are not capable of tackling it.
  3. To get a perfect 360 in Biology, read NCERT complete (multiple times), practice minimum 70–80 questions everyday from an MCQ book, and solve mock tests.
  4. Maintain good colourful notes, make diagrams, flow-charts which assist you in picturising the pages and ultimately leading to your memory.
  5. Join a NEET online course to get a great exposure to good quality questions and the tests based on the NEET pattern.
  6. Analyze your mistakes. After every test make sure you get the concepts of all questions you got wrong and why you got them wrong before the next test.
  7. Know which questions to attempt in the exam. This is where the smart work part comes. It can boost your NEET score easily. You must know whether you should attempt or leave the question within 10 seconds of reading it.
  8. Be consistent at your studies. Practice questions on a daily basis and revise the topics frequently from your sources (books or notes).
  9. Stay passionate about your goals, dream and keep remembering what you will achieve after clearing the NEET exam with top rank.
  10. Never panic, always stay calm during the NEET preparation and in the examination hall.

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There is no such thing as a perfect strategy to score 700+ in NEET. But if you follow some steps correctly with discipline, you might definitely get a high score(but not guarantee 700+).

  1. Self-discipline: this is the most thing before getting into the books.

  2. NCERT books are the main focus for this exam. So, you don’t wanna left any stone unturned.

  3. Solve neet previous year question paper

  4. Practice sample papers and solve problems as much as you can.

  5. You might wanna do revision 5 to 6 times before the exam.

Hope this might help you.