What is better for JEE preparation: coaching modules or books?

I am little confused about this - what is better for JEE: coaching modules or books?

Coaching Modules Vs Books - Which is Better for JEE?

Coaching modules or study material has an upper hand over books for JEE preparation. They are prepared specifically for the concept understanding and type of questions you can expect in JEE exam. The difficulty level of questions in coaching modules is sometimes higher than the actual paper, so if you score less in your tests, still you are doing better.

This doesn’t mean books are less important. JEE reference books are always handy in solving problems for practice. NCERT textbook is recommended for Chemistry.

If you have the time and capacity, you can cover both - coaching modules and books. If not, then it’s good to study from your coaching modules.

If you are taking coaching for JEE then follow your teacher’s advice.