What should be my timetable for the NEET and AIIMS in 1 year along with the 12th boards?

I am in class 12 right now. Can you tell me what should be my 1 year time table that will cover NEET and AIIMS preparation along with class 12th boards preparation.

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Hi Oindrila, Welcome to the community!

NEET syllabus covers all your class 12 boards concepts and topics. You will be prepared well for 12th boards exams when you study for NEET and AIIMS.

Tips to make ideal timetable for NEET/AIIMS and class 12th Boards in 1 Year:

  • Make a time table, giving time to all 3 subjects, to complete the syllabus in time. Adjust your study hours and follow the study schedule sincerely.
  • Clear all the basics in all subjects. Try not to skip topics. If you find any topic boring, then incorporate new effective methods of studying to make it more interesting like quizzing, making flowcharts, tables and diagrams etc.
  • NCERT books are recommended by students who clear NEET and AIIMS. Solved examples and summary is of great help. You can also follow a NEET study material or reference books if required.
  • You should study with full concentration whenever you study. Make sure you achieve your daily or weekly targets. Don’t procrastinate.
  • Don’t get depressed due to low scores in tests. Analyse your performance in tests and learn from mistakes.
  • Make notes. Include your own shortcuts and tricks.
  • Keep revising what you are studying.

Utilize your school time well for class 12 boards preparation

The unit tests and pre-boards (half yearly exams) are good time to check your preparation level of boards. Study one or two nights before the exam but study that with full concentration since with less time you want more results. Make a best use of your school time to study for your school board exams.

Board exams basically focus on knowledge (more theoretical) whereas NEET and AIIMS basically focus on the application of knowledge. So when you acquire the knowledge with clear concepts, it will take care of your board exams. For NEET, you further require lots of practice and fast problem solving skills using various tricks.

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Hope it helps. All the best.

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Sir but how to make the perfect time table? Thanks for the tips.

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Check out this post : Tips to Make a Daily Study Time Table for NEET

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Thank you sir. It is of great help…

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