What should be the strategy for NEET 2020 if my portion is getting over in March?

Tell me the strategy for NEET 2020 if my syllabus is getting over in the month of March.

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Strategy for NEET 2020 after completion of syllabus in March.

  • Revise the complete syllabus of NEET. A smart revision technique will save you a lot of time and boost your confidence as well for NEET.
  • Give NEET mock tests during afternoon (between 2:00 – 5:00 pm). The objective is to practice as much as you can, to feel comfortable giving exam in the afternoon session.
  • Join an online test series that allows you to solve mock tests at any time.
  • Analyse the tests to find your mistakes and the scope of improvement.
  • Work on your weak points so that you no longer need to call them as your shortcomings.
  • Make final short notes to revise a day before exam. They should be concise enough to allow you to go through the entire syllabus in a mere few hours.
  • Avoid silly mistakes, first in mock tests and then on the exam day.
  • Eat and sleep properly.
  • Stay calm and composed in remaining months.

You can join one month online crash course for NEET 2020 to implement the ideal strategy after completing the syllabus in March.