What should I do if I'm fed up with NEET preparation?

What should I do if I’m fed up with NEET preparation?

Getting fed up with NEET preparation? Try following the below tips.

  • Stay calm. Realize the tough situation we are in and keep your mind relaxed.
  • Make a fresh study plan for the remaining days and follow it with dedication.
  • Focus on short productive study hours rather than long ineffective study sessions.
  • Try new methods of studies like summary-diagrams-summary approach, flow charts, flashcards, mnemonics to remember difficult words, phrases and statements.
  • Practice new types of questions from a NEET reference book. You can also solve Physics and Chemistry questions from JEE Main past year papers.
  • Take care of your health, both physical and mental.
  • Meditate daily at least for 10 minutes any time. You can meditate in between your studies.

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