What should I do to improve my calculation skills for NEET?

What should I do to improve my calculation skills for NEET and AIIMS?

Here are some tips to improve your calculation skills for NEET.

  1. First make sure that your theory and concepts are clear.
  2. Read the questions properly and carefully. Run through all the important points that are mentioned.
  3. Don’t rush in solving problems, it can result in negative marking that brings your score down.
  4. When you already analyzed that the question has a lot of calculations, leave it for a bit later because the calculations eat up time very fast.
  5. Try to revise your calculations before answering the options.
  6. Verify units for any conversion.
  7. Practice questions regularly. Include problem solving in your daily study schedule.
  8. Don’t just watch teachers solve the problems or read how to solve them. Do try to solve them yourself.
  9. You might do a lot of calculation mistake. But keep practicing. The objective before solving any numerical should be 100% accuracy.
  10. Make a notebook containing your silly mistakes, unnecessary calculations, time spent on solving the question, etc. Revise this notebook every time before a problem solving session or mock test.

Hope it helps.