Where can I get my doubts solved for NEET?

Where can I get my NEET doubts solved? From where I can clear Physics numericals doubts?

Mystudycart online doubt clearing platform for NEET allows students to resolve their doubts from the best NEET faculty and experts, at home. You can ask all your doubts (Physics numericals, Chemistry, Biology) during the live online session or after the class, whenever you feel comfortable.

A lot of people will recommend you to see YouTube channels for clearing NEET doubts. Be careful about that. YouTube videos can waste a lot of your time as you may end up watching stuff that you are not currently required to, meanwhile your doubt remains unsolved.

Similarly, you will come across some Apps to clear your NEET doubts free of cost. They will ask you to send the picture of your doubt and then they will send the solution in X minutes. 99% chance that this will not resolve your doubt. Next, they will offer you a 1-to-1 private session with an expert, but you have to pay for that!

Why go into this complex time-wasting system when you can just clear all your doubts during the classes in Mystudycart online courses for NEET.

Hope it helps.

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