How can I start preparing for the AIIMS and NEET from class 11?

My question is - How can I start preparing for the AIIMS and NEET from class 11?

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Class 11 is an ideal time to start preparing for AIIMS and NEET. Here are some tips for start preparing for AIIMS and NEET from class 11.

  1. Know the Syllabus of NEET/AIIMS : One of the first thing when starting AIIMS/NEET preparation is to know the syllabus. It contains the topics from class 11 and 12. It may look humongous to see the full syllabus at first glance but don’t worry it’s a gradual process of learning, step by step, topic by topic, question by question, to complete the syllabus in 2 years. During the course of the preparation, you are advised to have a quick scan at the syllabus and look out for any missing topics. If a topic is not covered, you can discuss the same with the teacher in the class.
  2. The Books and Material Recommended for AIIMS/NEET : If you have joined a coaching then your study material is more than enough to cover the syllabus. It will have all the theory and questions according to exam level. In books, NCERT is recommended for Biology and Chemistry. If required, see the reference books for NEET/AIIMS.
  3. Best time to study for NEET and AIIMS : When do you feel the most active? Go with your strength and comfort level. Morning or night study really doesn’t matter as long as you are achieving your set targets. You can try to study at various times during the day, morning and evening. Soon you’ll get to know the best time to study that gives you fruitful results.
  4. Number of hours to study : If you are studying 4-5 hours daily apart from coaching, you are doing good. Rest depends on your capability on how fast you learn things. You should study with full concentration whenever you study. Remove all unnecessary distractions. Make a timetable and stick to it religiously. Make sure you achieve your daily or weekly targets.
  5. Understanding concepts and practice : First understand the theory part, and then practice problems. It’s the way to understand concepts in a better way. Never hesitate to get your doubts cleared from the teacher. In the exam, time management and pattern of solving questions is important. It can be only achieved by serious dedicated practice and questions solving.
  6. Make notes from the start of your preparation : Keep writing notes along with your studies. You can include important points, shortcuts, formulas, reactions, mistakes, etc. Notes will help you in revision. You will not have to go through the full syllabus in your material or book to revise things later.
  7. Avoid Backlogs : When a topic is taught in the class, study the same topic from coaching module or NCERT. Finish all your DPPs and coaching module exercises as they are being taught. Don’t keep pending work. Do your homework/assignments on time.
  8. Revision is the key : We tend to forget topics with time if they are not interconnected. So a periodic revision is must i.e. daily, weekly and monthly revision. Always revise important points, MCQs before sleeping.
  9. Analyse tests and learn from mistakes : After attempting a test, count the marks you lose due to silly mistakes, conceptual error, wrong interpretation of any question and other mistakes. Make sure not to repeat the same mistake again in the subsequent tests.
  10. Consistency and Discipline : During AIIMS/NEET preparation, you have to study consistently, whether that is learning concepts or solving problems. When you are consistent in doing the things you know you should do, your odds of achieving your goals will be dramatically increased.

It’s recommended to join a coaching for systematic AIIMS and NEET preparation in class 11. The teachers will tell you the right schedule and strategy to study effectively for NEET and AIIMS. [Online courses are available from the comfort of your home].

The next two years will be the most precious years of your life. The momentum that you build now, in class 11, will help you in achieving your goal to clear the exams and become a doctor.

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These tips are so helpful. Thanks Sir :clap:

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