How many problems should I solve daily for JEE?

How many questions should I practice for JEE? How many questions to solve per chapter for JEE?

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You can’t fix the number of questions and problems to be solved daily for JEE. You can solve 20 easy questions in a day or 5 tough questions of JEE advanced level. There may be some days when you couldn’t solve even a single question, only read theory and revise stuff, and there might be some days when you actually solve a lot of questions.

Instead of counting the number of problems and questions, just practice questions as many as possible within the time allotted for individual subjects in your study schedule.

Number of Questions to Solve per Chapter for JEE

About the number of questions to solve per chapter for JEE, it depends on the subject, chapter, topic and also the time remaining for the exam. For example, Organic Chemistry may require 150-200 questions per topic whereas Trigonometry can be excelled in 100 questions for the whole chapter. Solving 30 questions per topic will be more than enough for revision.

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