How many questions are asked directly from NCERT in NEET Biology and Chemistry?

I know NCERT is important for NEET but can you tell me how many questions are asked directly from NCERT in NEET biology and chemistry?

On an average, you can expect around 80% questions from NCERT in NEET. If you see the NEET previous year papers, the percentage of questions from NCERT (directly or indirectly) varies each year, showcasing the significant reliance on NCERT textbooks to crack NEET.

Number of NCERT Questions in NEET Biology

In NEET Biology, out of 90 questions, 85–88 questions come from NCERT. But out of 85 questions,75–80 are direct questions and you can solve them in minimum time if you have read NCERT properly for NEET including diagrams, summary and revise it a lot of times. Rest of the questions could be confusing and may require related concepts.

Number of NCERT Questions in NEET Chemistry

The number of questions from NCERT in NEET Chemistry may vary each year. It could be 80-85% on average. All questions of Chemistry in NEET 2021 were from NCERT. Although it does require going a bit beyond NCERT to understand the concepts. NCERT in-text questions, theory part, back exercises, everything is important for NEET, even the numerical comes exactly the same or of similar type from NCERT.

Hope it helps.