How much time should be allocated to each section of the NEET exam?

How much time should we spend on each section of the NEET exam? Biology, Chemistry and Physics?

Time Allocation for Each Section in the NEET Exam

Majority of aspirants start with Biology. If you are prepared well then it will take somewhere around 40–50 minutes to attempt almost every question in Biology. Then comes Chemistry* - Physical Chemistry can take around 20–25 minutes, for Organic and Inorganic you may need a maximum of 30 minutes to attempt all the questions. Now the remaining time which is almost 1 hour and 15-30 minutes can be spent on solving Physics.

To summarize, the ideal time to spend on each section in NEET exam is :

  1. Biology - 40-45 Minutes
  2. Chemistry - 50-55 Minutes
  3. Physics - 1 hour and 15-30 Minutes

*The choice between Chemistry and Physics could be as per your strength, choose the one in which you have more confidence.

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