How should I study to get AIR under 100 in JEE?

How should I study to get AIR under 100 in JEE?

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Getting an awesome rank (AIR under 100) in JEE is not an easy task and it can’t be measured on any scale of brain power. It is something that requires a lot of determination, dedication, theoretical in-depth knowledge, your keen interest in topics/ subjects and learning in a smart and efficient way.

Study tips to get AIR under 100 in JEE:

  1. Start with a good time table. Follow it with discipline.
  2. Study with concentration. It is always better to study 1 hour with full concentration than studying 2 hours while watching TV. It is better to solve 10 different variety problems rather than solving 20 similar problems with just different numerical values.
  3. Consistency is very important. Instead of studying all night one day and sleeping on the next day, it is better to study for equal hours on both days. Remember JEE is a marathon not a sprint.
  4. Be clear with all the concepts. Refer to illustrations for developing problem- solving skills.
  5. Know which questions to attempt. This is where the smart work part comes. It can boost your rank easily. You must know whether you should attempt or leave the question within 10 seconds of reading it. Your aim is not to score 100% in JEE. Your aim should be to attempt 70-80% questions with an error in max 5%. This comes with practice. Keep on giving tests.
  6. Know when to switch. If you always follow a specific order while giving a test, like PCM, you should know that you have to switch to Chemistry or Maths when Physics is hard. Doing hard paper first will waste your time and make you lose confidence. Remember both hard and easy questions carry the same marks. Again this comes with practice.
  7. Analyze your mistakes. After every test make sure you get the concepts of all questions you got wrong and why you got them wrong before the next test.
  8. Allow yourself enough relaxation period.
  9. Prepare yourself for the exam with your limits. At each step, prove yourself why you’re better than the one you slept the last night as.
  10. Don’t get nervous during the examination.

Toppers are never born with a lot of intelligence. It all depends on the amount of time and effort one devotes in order to improve himself/ herself. It’s the years of hard work and clear motive that makes a topper.

Answer Credits : Aryan Agarwal (AIR-196, JEE Advanced 2018), Abhijeet Mahato & Anubhav Deep from IIT-Kharagpur, Anshul Barjatya from IIT-BHU Varanasi.

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