Revision schedule

How often should I revise my iit jee notes. Also what is an ideal daily revision schedule

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Revising IIT JEE notes can be divided into two parts - Revising theory from notes and solving problems to test your knowledge of concepts. The best way is to revise in short blocks like 40-60 minutes and then have small breaks to rest your mind.

Solve mock tests to evaluate your preparation. Analyse your mistakes in the test and do complete revision before the next test.

Always revise important points, MCQs before sleeping.

Make revision schedule as per your convenience and follow it.

Thank you very much for the tips. Also could you please tell, if I should only revise what I learnt today or should I revise old chapters too. If yes then after how many number of times and how often

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Revise old chapters too especially the related ones. If you are giving full syllabus tests, then you have to revise all chapters.