Which online course is best to crack the NEET exam?

I am in class 12 and want to prepare for NEET-UG.

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Mystudycart is an education platform that provides best online courses to crack the NEET exam (live and two-way interactive online classes). Considered as one of the best online coaching provider for NEET, Mystudycart has an academic pool of some of the best online tutors in India.

Features of Mystudycart NEET Online Courses

  • Attend classes at your home in online mode. Parents can assess the performance of child at home itself.
  • NEET online interactive classes gives you the feel of a regular physical classroom where you can ask your doubts from the teacher.
  • After the class, recording of the same exact class will be delivered to student’s account for future reference. If you miss out on a live class, you can see the recording of same exact class later whenever you want, for better understanding and revision.
  • Mystudycart online batches are short (20–25 students), so it’s easy to monitor each student’s progress. It allows a student to ask the doubts more easily and freely.
  • Hard copy study material of NEET that includes Study Modules, Daily Practice Papers (DPPs) and Question Bank, will be delivered to student’s address immediately after the enrollment. The questions in study material will be on the basis of NEET syllabus and past year papers. Sometimes the questions level will be higher, just to prepare you well for tough problems.
  • Best Online Test Series for NEET : Provides the real exam-hall experience at home. You can solve online mock tests chapter-wise or full test papers. After giving the test, you can see the analysis like time spent on each question or section, your less scoring areas, silly mistakes and suggestions to improve in the next test.
  • For our NEET online courses, we share complete batch calendar in advance with parents and students. There is complete transparency about the teachers, the online platform, student performance, fee and scholarship details.
  • Our teachers and the counselling team regularly motivate NEET aspirants to not take too much pressure and feel confident for the exam.

See more details and fee structure here : Online Courses for NEET-UG Preparation

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You still have a lot of time with you. If you will sincerely plan for things, then you can surely get a good rank.

Since you have passed 11th so till date you will be Familiar with the basic pattern so now what to do further, just follow these steps:

  • You should try to complete written work of your practical files and projects by the end of june Bcz if you’ll delay it then it will be a great trouble for you later on.
  • Don’t let 11th slip from your hands. Try to revise them side by side for some time during weekends or on a daily basis as per your comfort.
  • Plan out the things as per their weightage in exam and the topics at which you are strong and weak. Devote the time to it as per that only.
  • Don’t drown yourself under thick books for more factual data. Try to build up a strong concept by reading ncert at least 8–10 times. Especially for bio, inorganic and organic Chem.
  • If you have joined any coaching institute then never skip on any of their test. Do solve their packages atleast 2 times. If you still have some time left then go for other books.
  • In other books I will recommend mtg publication’s NCERT at your fingertips(for bio), dc pandey and hc Verma for physics and universal for chemistry.
  • Remember revision is the main key. Never skip from studies for a single day. The more times you revise, the more you will remember the things.
  • Students usually do not have a firm grip over the last topics of the syllabus as at the end you are under high pressure and you miss on those topics but they are actually high weightage topics and comparatively much easier. These topics are:
    • Semiconductors and modern physics - 5 to 7 questions
    • Ecology - 10 to 15 questions
    • Organic chemistry - 14 to 16 questions (both 11th & 12th organic together)

Think positive, stay determined and you surely will get a good college.